How we increased both brand awareness and lead generation for ecovista Windows and doors.

Hint: Through pay per click ads to help drive traffic into their websites and leads into their forms.

The biggest and arguably the most important task that we do for Ecovista Windows and Doors is a constant overview, updating and improving on their pay per click advertisements to increase conversion and engagement rate!

To do this, we worked with their goals to implement a pay per click advertising strategy that complimented lead generation and social media growth and increased brand awareness in the process. We created targeted, pay per click advertisements and constantly updated and improved them. Through a few months worth of optimising the ad campaigns, we were able to bring down the cost per website visit to less than 30 cents and cost per lead to less than $25.

Because of this, Ecovista Windows and Doors were able to grow at a rate they did not expect!

Here's a screenshot of their traffic and lead generation campaign from Jan-Feb 2021:

And that's it! Through working with Ecovista Windows and Doors, we were able to help them help themselves, they are happy with our work and we are happy with them being our business partner.

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