HOw we consistently drive interested leads to ecovista windows and doors

Long story short, it's a lead generation funnel!

One of the main and constantly running services that we provide for Ecovista Windows and Doors is, you guessed it! Lead generation, meaning that we drive people that are interested in their product and/or service to give Ecovista their contact information, which Ecovista can contact and turn the lead into a client.

To do this, we worked with their goals to implement a simple four stage funnel that effectively generates leads. The first stage is to introduce possible customers to their business, the second stage is to get them interested through giving them content, the third stage is offering them the product/service, and the final fourth stage involves re-targeting ads to remind them about Ecovista Windows and Doors.

Because of this, they are able to have a continuous and growing source of leads.

Here's a screen shot of their website performance during Dec 2020-Jan 2021:

And that's it! Through working with Ecovista Windows and Doors, we were able to help them help themselves, they are happy with our work and we are happy with them being our business partner.

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